EMAR Japanese Language Academy

At Emar Japanese Language School, we support "comfortable learning environment", "safe and secure living environment", "advancement to higher education and employment" for those who have studied in Japan.

Japanese language school in Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture

Emar Japanese Language School is a school aimed at advancing to higher education, and we are focusing on not only universities and vocational schools in Oyama City and Utsunomiya City, but also universities in Tokyo and neighboring areas.

For job seekers, we provide various support such as exam preparation, resume, interview guidance, and information provision.

Features of Emar Japanese Language School

At Emar Japanese Language School, you can not only improve the four skills of "reading", "listening", "writing" and "speaking", but you can also learn while experiencing Japanese culture.


Dialogue-oriented curriculum to enhance communication skills

In our school's curriculum, students acquire the "ability to communicate" by performing tasks centered on dialogue in line with the action goals of each section. In addition, you can systematically acquire the four skills by using plenty of supplementary teaching materials.


Generous support for achieving goals

Experienced teachers will give practice exercises, answers, and explanations in order to aim for JLPT N2 and N3 while in school. Before the final exam, we will conduct an original mock exam to determine the probability of passing.


Japanese Culture Experience

Students can learn about traditional Japanese culture such as kimono dressing, flower arrangement, and tea ceremony by taking the "Cultural Liberal Arts" class in the second year of school. There are also events such as an in-school speech contest and participation in an international festival hosted by Oyama City. Also, students can enjoy their school life with school trip in summer and fall.

Location with good accessibility

Oyama City is located near Tokyo, about one hour by train. Nikko City, a World Heritage Site, is also only an hour and a half away by car. There are various stores near the station,making it convenient for shopping.

Oyama City has a long history and is famous for the Suga Shrine, Omoigawa-Zakura, and a local summer festival.


Photo gallery

Please take a look at the school scenery of Emar Japanese Language School and the scenery of Oyama City, where we are based.


Mid-Autumn Harvest Moon

Mid-Autumn Harvest Moon


This year, September 29th is the...

The first entrance ceremony

The first entrance ceremony


We held the entrance ceremony on...

We will open in April, 2022.

We will open in April, 2022.


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