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We will inform you about the school year schedule, school life, student dormitories, part-time jobs, and career support.

School year schedule

April Entrance ceremony for April students ・Orientation ・ Welcome party
May Health checkup for April students
June Examination for Japanese University Admission (EJU)
July Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) ・Field trip
August Summer vacation
October Autumn vacation ・ School excursion ・Entrance ceremony for October students ・Orientation ・ Welcome party
November Examination for Japanese University Admission (EJU) ・Health checkup for October students
December Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) ・Christmas Party ・ Winter vacation
March Speech contest ・ Graduation ceremony ・Spring vacation

※Annual schedule may vary from year to year.

Other extracurricular activities

  • Firefighting drills, shopping experience, others

About School Life

Message from an international student

The school is close to the station,quiet and safe. Teachers are very kind and supportive.I am now living with my friends who came to Japan with me and we are helping each other.The rent is inexpensive and the cost of living is not too much.

School Dormitory

EMAR Japanese Language Academy has a dormitory annexed to the school so that students do not have to worry about finding an apartment after arriving in Japan. For international students living in Japan,the student dormitory is the best environment to learn the social rules of Japan and to get used to living in a group. The dormitory at EMAR Japanese Language Academy is equipped with everything you need for your daily life including Wi-Fi, so you don't have to spend extra money. The dormitory is co-located with the school, so it does not take time for commuting to school, and the dormitory has both shared and private spaces, so you can live in a style that suits you best.

Room floor plan

Dormitory floor plan

Details of dormitory fees

Entrance fee 55,000 yen (tax included)
Dormitory fee 18,000 yen / month

Location and environment

The dormitory is co-located with the school, so it does not take time to commute to the school. It is a 10-minute bus ride or 15-minute walk to Oyama Station.

General notes

  • If you stay in a dormitory, you will be required to pay an entrance fee and dormitory fee for 6 months before entering the dormitory.
  • Student dormitories are only available for 6 months after enrollment. After that, please move to the apartment you found by yourself or the apartment introduced by the school.
  • The apartments introduced by the school use 3DK for 4 to 5 people. The rent is 20,000 yen.
  • We may not be able to accommodate requests for room assignment, etc.
  • Dormitory fee will not be refunded once it is paid.
  • Actual expenses for utilities are to be paid by the resident.
  • There is a limit to the number of students who can reside in the dormitory.Students who are unable to reside in the dormitory may be referred to an apartment in the neighborhood.

Part-time jobs in Oyama City

Part-time work is a great way to learn Japanese and get used to Japanese customs. You will be able to meet people and have experiences through part-time work that you cannot have at a Japanese language school alone.

EMAR Japanese Language Academy is located in the center of Oyama City, where there are many factories for manufacturing medical supplies and construction materials, as well as fast food restaurants and other eateries nearby. Students attending EMAR Japanese Language Academy can work part-time at these restaurants and factories.

Examples of part-time jobs

《Hourly wage: approximately 1,000 to 1,560 yen》

  • Restaurant near the school (serving food, cooking, etc.)
  • Fast food restaurant near the school (customer service, cooking, etc.)
  • Factory (assembly, inspection, etc.)

Career support

EMAR Japanese Language Academy provides information on entering universities, graduate schools,and vocational schools in Japan, counseling for higher education, and participation in higher education events. For those who wish to find a job, we also provide various support services such as test preparation, resume and interview guidance, and provision of useful information.

Guidance for higher education

Preparatory Classes for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Students are required to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and other tests in order to enter the school of their preference. The school will support you in passing the tests by proposing the best test for your level of progress and providing preparatory classes.
College preparatory events (school tours, open campuses, information seminars, etc.)
The students will participate in various events held by universities and vocational schools, as well as in information seminars where many schools gather to explain about entering higher education. They discuss with their homeroom teachers in advance which school events they will attend, what they will wear to school, and what questions they will ask at school.
Entrance exam preparation (application forms, statement of purpose, interview, etc.)
By working together with experienced teachers, you will be able to get even closer to passing the entrance exam, even though it may be difficult to do alone, such as how to write the application form, statement of reasons for applying,how to prepare the necessary documents, and how to practice for the interview. The teachers will support you in writing your research plan, which is a major hurdle for those who wish to enter graduate school.

Guidance for employment

Examination preparation
Qualifications may be required to find a certain job. At EMAR Japanese Language Academy, students can take the Specified Skilled Worker (TOKUTEI GINOU) test preparation course. By taking the time to prepare well, difficult examinations may seem easy.
Entry interview preparation
The school helps students prepare documents for application and provides guidance on how to write them.During the interview guidance, ask the teachers any questions you have about your attire, wording, etc., so that you can have an interview without any worries.