Admission guide

We will guide you through the process leading up to admission, application requirements, application schedule, and application documents.

Application Documents

Documents prepared by the applicant

Required documents Japanese
Application form (School form) Not required School form
Resume (School form) Not required School form
Letter of Pledge (School form) Not required School form
Copy of passport (if in possession at time of application) Not required Page with photo and stamp
4 photographs of the applicant (3cm(width)×4cm(height))(Please write the applicant's name on the back) A color, front-facing, hatless photo taken within the last three months
Diploma or certificate of graduation from the last school attended (original) Necessary Certificate of enrollment or certificate of expected graduation if currently enrolled in school
Transcript of the last school attended (original) Necessary Current academic transcript if currently enrolled in school
Certificate of Japanese language study
Certificate of Japanese language proficiency
Copy of family register and ID card Necessary Documents for all family members
Certificate of employment (original) Necessary If the applicant has a work history
Birth certificate Necessary

Documents to be submitted by the financial supporter

Required documents Japanese
Letter of guarantee to pay expenses (School form) Necessary School form
Copy of the sponsor's ID card Necessary Residence card if living in Japan
Certificate of residence or family register Necessary All family members must be listed
Documents proving the relationship between the sponsor and the applicant Necessary School form
Family register or list of family members of the supporter (School form) Necessary School form
Bank balance certificate Necessary
Transaction history for the past 3 years or a copy of the bank book Necessary
Proof of employment or other documents that prove the occupation Necessary
Proof of income and tax payment (for the past 3 years) Necessary

Various documents download


※Documents issued within the last 3 months (within 6 months for documents issued outside Japan) are required.

※Documents other than those listed above may also be requested.

※If any of the documents are for ged or contain false information, the application may be withdr awn.

Application Schedule

May 31stApplication due date for October students
June Around 10thImmigration application for October students
October 31stApplication due date for April students
November Around 15thImmigration application for April students

Application Guidelines

Course Introduction

2-year College Preparatory Course 【Entrance month】April 【Period of enrollment】2 years 【Application period】June 1st to October 15th
1-year and 6-month College Preparatory Course 【Entrance month】October 【Period of enrollment】1 year and 6 months 【Application period】December 1st to May 15th

Qualifications for Admission

Applicants must physically and mentally healthy and willing to study in Japan and learn Japanese language.
Applicants must have completed at least 12 years of school education or equivalent.
Applicants must have studied Japanese for at least 150 hours at the time of application.
Applicants must at least 18 years of age.
Applicants must have been admitted or are expected to be admitted to Japan through proper procedures.
Applicants must have sufficient income and assets,and who have a sponsor who is capable of paying for their expenses to study in Japan.

※The applicant's parents or other relatives are acceptable if t hey can explain the reason for their financial support.

Tuition Fee( Tax Included / Japanese Yen)

2-year College Preparatory Course
(April enrollment)
1-year and 6-month College Preparatory Course
(October enrollment)
Academic Year First year (1-year) Second year (1-year) First year (1-year) Second year (1-year)
Examination Fee 22,000yen 22,000yen
Admission fee 110,000yen 110,000yen
Equipment fee 55,000yen 55,000yen 55,000yen 27,500yen
Tuition Fee 605,000yen 605,000yen 605,000yen 302,000yen
Total 792,000yen 660,000yen 792,000yen 330,000yen

※Consumption tax (10%) is included in the above amounts.

※Please note that the sender is responsible for handling fees when remitting tuition.

About installment payment of tuition fee

You can choose to pay tuition in a lump sum or in installments of up to two.

An example of 2-year College Preparatory Course with 2 installment payments

First year 1st payment 462,000yen 2nd payment
(after 6-month)
Second year 1st payment 330,000yen 2nd payment
(after 6-month)

Privileged student system and scholarship system

After screening of applicants (who have passed JLPT N3 or equivalent), tuition fee for the first year will be waived for those with outstanding academic records.

Schedule till the admission

Enrollment Application
Interview, Test
Certificate of Eligibility Application, Issuance
Payment of School Fees
Visa application and issuance
Arrival in Japan・Enrollment