School introduction

Introducing the philosophy, educational goals, and features of Emar Japanese Language School.

Philosophy of EMAR Japanese Language Academy

Our philosophy is "Love people, and empower people". We believe it all starts by respecting the relationship that brought people to our company and building a relationship of trust with them.Regardless of academic background, gender, or nationality, we believe that we can do the most for our employees by finding and enhancing each person's strengths and making the most of their specialties.

At our Japanese language school, all faculty members are committed to this philosophy, treating students with love and nurturing the individual talents of each student while staying close to them.The day begins with a cheerful greeting from each teacher to each student, and "class reports" are prepared and shared among the teachers to show how each student is doing in each class.Individual counseling after admission to the school is conducted with each student, in which we ask them about their vision for the future and record it in their "Personal Records for Students" so that we can work together to find the path they should take.

Educational Goals

Words can give wings to people, and nurturing words leads to nurturing minds. We set the following four educational goals to help students acquire wings and become the first stage of their flight to the world.

Acquiring JLPT N2 level Japanese language skills and aiming for 100% admission to vocational schools and universities.
Acquiring Japanese language skills that can be utilized after entering higher education institutions, not only for entering them.
Acquiring practical Japanese language skills in close contact with the local community under the promotion of a multicultural society in Oyama City.
Learning Japanese society and culture through experiencing Japanese culture such as tea ceremony, ikebana (flower arrangement), kimono dressing, etc.

Features of EMAR Japanese Language Academy

Dialogue-oriented curriculum to enhance communication skills

The students acquire the ability to communicate with each other through dialogue-based tasks that leads to goal behaviour of each section. The curriculum also makes extensive use of supplementary materials, etc., so that students can acquire all four skills systematically. In addition to the classroom,we also offer extracurricular classes to provide students with active learning.

Preparation classes for examination

Experienced teachers provide students with exercises and explanations of the answers in order to prepare them for the JLPT N2 and N3 examinations while they are in school. Before the actual examination, an original practice test is given to determine the possibilities to pass the exam. In addition,for those who wish to enter universities, EJU preparation classes are available during the long vacation period, and students can also take classes in subjects other than Japanese, such as general subjects, mathematics, and science.

Japanese Culture Experience

Students can learn about traditional Japanese culture such as kimono dressing, flower arrangement, and tea ceremony by taking the "Cultural Liberal Arts" class in the second year of school. There are also events such as an in-school speech contest and participation in an international festival hosted by Oyama City. Also, students can enjoy their school life with school trip in summer and fall.

Preparation courses for Specified Skilled Worker(TOKUTEI GINOU) test during long vacations

A total of 20 lectures are given to students who wish to obtain a specific skill visa in the fields of accommodation, food and beverage.After passing the exam, full support will be given to students in writing resumes and preparing for interviews, etc., until they obtain employment.

School Introduction

EMAR Japanese Language Academy is a school for entering higher education. We focus on entering universities and vocational schools in Oyama City and Utsunomiya City as well as universities in Tokyo and neighboring areas.Teachers at EMAR Japanese Language Academy are very cheerful and kind, so you can enjoy and study seriously every day. Our teachers will work together to help you achieve your goals!


Representative Director Hideki Hayasaka

Recently, over 30 million foreign visitors come to Japan every year. All of you may have different purposes for visiting Japan, but I am sure that those of you who are interested in Japanese technology, culture, history, and work, and who wish to come to Japan with your own dreams, have a lot of thoughts about what you want to do in Japan.We hope that while we support you, you will also experience "This is Japan!" through your studies in Japan, which cannot be expressed in words.

Surely, "Japan" is still very profound. Please try to experience such a Japan by learning Japanese language. I am sure you will find "This is Japan" that will remain in your heart. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Principal Yoshiaki Oe

Today, there are approximately 5 million foreign students studying in other countries around the world. This is approximately double the number of 10 years ago. In other words, the number of people who leave their home countries to seek a better education and to learn a foreign language is increasing.

One reason for this is that the world is becoming increasingly globalized, and foreign interaction is becoming more important in business, academia, and even in the arts and entertainment. This also means that there is a great significance in meeting people in the real world,not just on the Internet.

EMAR Japanese Language Academy supports those who come to Japan seeking education,encounters, and opportunities. Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture, where our school is located, is a convenient place to study and live in a relaxed atmosphere, or to visit Tokyo for the latest in culture and art. The faculty and staff look forward to welcoming you to our school.

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