Mid-Autumn Harvest Moon

This year, September 29th is the Harvest Moon. The Mid-Autumn Harvest Moon means the best season for moon viewing.
The custom of moon viewing was introduced to Japan from China more than a thousand years ago. Originally, it was a custom for aristocrats to go on a boat, drink alcohol, look at the moon, read poetry, and play music. Nowadays, many people just look at the moon and eat dumplings. This is because streetlights, shops, and billboards made the nights brighter, making it difficult to see the moon and stars. Formal custom of Harvest moon is to decorate pampas grass like ears of rice as a celebration of the harvest. My mother used to arrange flowers at the front door, and I remember that around this time of year, the flowers were decorated with pampas grass.
Various countries in East Asia have a custom of moon viewing. In China, people eat mooncakes, and in Vietnam, there are events like lion dances. It is better to look up at the moon occasionally, such as on your way home from your part-time job. I believe that noticing the beauty of nature around us will enrich our lives.